Komponen Mengajar September 2022

MondayTuesdayThursdayCourse NameTelegram Group
7.30-10.00Prog. Java (fundamental)https://t.me/+Yb0vFmOOCqcxZjdl
7.30-10.00Research Methodolgyhttps://t.me/+j3_vFJVHn600OTJl
7.30-10.00Artificial Intelligencehttps://t.me/+WmaO_w59axQ3Zjg1
10.15-12.45Cloud Computinghttps://t.me/+Cwz0FRhdAas2ZWFl
10.15-12.45Soft testing & qualityhttps://t.me/+QozCjRXle2EzMjM1
10.15-12.45Cloud Computinghttps://t.me/+Cwz0FRhdAas2ZWFl

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